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Introducing...The Whole Foods
Healthy Living Program

With Natalie Rogers, B.A., ROHP, LCCE

Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Eat your way to a More Vibrant, Energized You!

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Dr. Scott Clack

In The Media

Watch Dr. Scott Clack's presentation at "Autism Today" about neuro-inflammation and Oxidative Stress. See Video...

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Family Naturopathic Health
What is Family Naturopathic Medicine? Simply put it’s Family Medicine with naturopathic philosophy leading the plan. The core components will sound familiar: healthy diet, exercise, proper sleep, and emotional/spiritual balance.

At Touchstone we take pride in teaching families about the healthiest options that are supported in scientific literature.

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Nutritional Counselling
Holistic Nutritional Counselling is a form of health therapy that seeks to induce healing through the use of specific dietary, lifestyle and food supplement recommendations. Treatment programs are based on the unique health history and current diagnoses of each client. Learn More Recipes