Upcoming Lectures

Touchstone is pleased to offer the following lectures at 2390 Bristol Circle, Suite 4A. The lectures are held on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm. Please book your seat as space is limited.

April 4

Allergies – The Naturopathic Approach

Spring allergy season is soon upon us. Antihistamines are effective for some people, or for a short period of time. Some people have good years, others have bad seasons. A naturopathic approach to treating allergies is not just to relieve symptoms, but to prevent them from returning. This lecture will introduce patients to naturopathic therapies that work on both angles: treatment, and prevention or elimination of allergies. Topics include: the role of probiotics and the microbiome; allergy desensitization (NAET, homeopathics); homeopathy and acupuncture for allergy symptoms.

April 11

Your Biomedical Kick-Off

This lecture is for all patients. Dr. Clack will discuss the variety of environment and lifestyle factors that might contribute to Autism. The factors include: food intolerances; methylation and detoxification problems; mitochondrial dysfunction; infections (yeast, bacteria, viruses and parasites); heavy metal accumulation; and genetic SNP’s. Dr. Clack will show which tests are used to help investigate these factors.

April 18

Infections, Immunology and Autism/ADHD

Not your obvious or average infections. Microorganisms act from the digestive tract or embed themselves into the protected nervous system. Learn about the current research that shows how these infections have been found to contribute to autism, as well as how the immune response affects a child.

April 25

SNP’s (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) and Autism/ADHD

A new category of genetics may be leading society to better answers about why chronic diseases are on the rise and so difficult to treat. Several SNP’s have been identified in children with ASD’s or ADHD. This seminar will introduce attendees to the current science behind this aspect of genetic influence on disease, and the potential treatments that could help in recovery.

Book your seat(s) today – space is limited. Tel: 905-822-2046. Family & friends are welcome.