Upcoming Lectures

Touchstone is pleased to offer the following lectures at 2390 Bristol Circle, Suite 4A. The lectures are held on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm. Please book your seat as space is limited.

March 7

Updated overview of biomedical treatment for Autism and ADHD

This lecture, presented by Dr. Scott Clack, will review the current practices in a biomedical approach to treating developmental disorders and learning disabilities. He will discuss: Mitochondrial function; Oxidative Stress and Glutathione deficiency; methylation and detoxification, plus the folate cycle; plus the Role of foods, infections, chemicals and heavy metals in health.

March 21

Best Diet Practices for Your Children & Family

Most patients are asked to do an elimination diet of some form (hypo-allergenic; GF/CF/SF; or SCD diet). Now they are becoming the standard practice when treating chronic diseases and autoimmune disorders. This lecture will discuss how to successfully implement and manage: Grains-free diets (eg. Paleo, GAPS); organic, pesticide-free foods; eliminating glutamate and many other food additives; AND using healthier fats and oils. All parents should consider attending this lecture.

April 4

Allergies – The Naturopathic Approach

Spring allergy season is soon upon us. Antihistamines are effective for some people, or for a short period of time. Some people have good years, others have bad seasons. A naturopathic approach to treating allergies is not just to relieve symptoms, but to prevent them from returning. This lecture will introduce patients to naturopathic therapies that work on both angles: treatment, and prevention or elimination of allergies. Topics include: the role of probiotics and the microbiome; allergy desensitization (NAET, homeopathics); homeopathy and acupuncture for allergy symptoms.

Book your seat(s) today – space is limited. Tel: 905-822-2046. Family & friends are welcome.