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Family Healthcare

A key principle of Naturopathic Medicine is “treat the cause, not the symptom”. Family lifestyle habits can cause obvious health problems in one family member, while silently affecting the health of others. It is common in clinical practice to hear that family members who adopt new diet plans to help another family member find they feel better within weeks: they lose weight they hadn’t planned ... Read More

Autism, ADHD, and Mental Health

Mental health concerns are on the rise in modern society, and it is affecting children as well as adults. This makes mental health one of the most important health factors at home as well as in school and workplace settings. Stress is an underlying source behind anxiety or depression; it may not be possible to treat your mental health problems without addressing stress proactively and supportin... Read More

Senior Care

“You have this problem because of your age: You don’t need to treat it” is a phrase that undermines the health and wellness of this very valuable segment of our population. While it is true that some functions will decline as we get older it’s also because seniors may not take care of themselves as they age, particularly when living alone. The Basics of Healthy Living are important to maintain ... Read More
Dr. Scott Clack ND


Dr. Clack graduated from Bastyr University, located in Seattle, Washington, in June 1997. He practiced in B.C. for 2 years before moving home to Ontario. He opened Touchstone Naturopathic Centre in Toronto in April 2000, which operated through December 2018. Dr. Clack currently practices at the Oakville Naturopathic Wellness Centre.